media stories on Vancouver’s proposed Edgewater Mega-casino

This is a fairly comprehensive collection of media stories on the proposed casino expansion. For exhaustive in-depth coverage on the 2011 phase of the casino fight, see the superb series by the Vancouver Observer here and for Peter Ladner’s columns on the casino for Business in Vancouver magazine, click here. (We do not include all shorter stories on radio or other websites, due to volume and redundancy.)

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***Sept 29, Vancouver Sun (Sam Cooper) Exclusive: How B.C. casinos are used to launder millions in drug cash

Sept 24, Vancouver Sun (Sam Cooper),  Big cash flowing into River Rock Casino sparks money-laundering probe



NOTE: Caesars sues Massachusetts gaming regulator, gets slapped by FEC
(Not dissimilar to the Graydon situation)

July 23, Metro (Emily Jackson), Vancouver places (another) barrier to prohibit gambling expansion

July 21, Vancouver Observer (Sandy Garossino), Graydon’s got to go: ex-BCLC CEO’s conflict of interest and Paragon casino–Graydon says he won’t convey inside information to Paragon, but seriously, how believable is that? 

July 17, Globe and Mail (Wendy Stueck), Ex-CEO Michael Graydon should repay $55,000, B.C. lottery corp. says 

July 17, Vancouver Sun (Rob Shaw), B.C. Lottery wants $55,000 back from ex-CEO–Letter asks for repayment of some salary dollars after ethical audit findings

July 14, The Georgia StraightDermod Travis: Troubling isn’t the word for BCLC mess, Mike de Jong

 July 11, Vancouver Observer, Ex-BC Lottery CEO in conflict of interest bytaking private gaming-related job

July 11, The Tyee (Bob Mackin), Ex-BC Gov’t Gambling Boss Apologizes for Conflict of Interest — Reports spanks Graydon for breaking rules as he moved to private sector

*** July 11, Vancouver Sun (Vaughn Palmer) – Vaughn Palmer: BCLC boondoggle puts B.C. Liberals’ business savvy in question–Government-appointed board should have been tougher on former CEO’s separation payout

July 10, Globe and Mail (Mark Hume), Codes of conduct under review after former BC Lottery CEO found to be in conflict 

July 10, Vancouver Sun (Rob Shaw) – Former BC Lottery Corporation CEO in conflict when he took private job, review finds

Feb 12 Vancouver Sun   Province to probe former B.C. lottery boss’s switch to private gambling company

Feb 10  Vancouver Observer   Vancouver got played: BCLC CEO Michael Graydon defects to Paragon Gaming — CEO of casino regulator switches teams, as Paragon collects another former BCLC bigwig. Critics of casino expansion may now safely say “I told you so.”

Feb 8  CBC   Michael Graydon, ex-B.C. Lottery boss, hired by Paragon — Paragon Gaming is proceeding with a $535-million casino and hotel complex next to B.C. Place Stadium

Older piece for review, newly relevant (Ian Reid)Paragon’s place at the BC Liberal table

Feb 7 The Tyee (Bob Mackin) BC lotto boss jumps to casino company

Feb 7 Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell) B.C. Lottery Corporation head joins casino company — Michael Graydon will oversee a $535 million casino complex to be built adjacent to B.C. Place Stadium

Feb 7 Globe and Mail (Wendy Stueck) Ex-B.C. Lottery CEO’s new role raises conflict of interest concerns

******* Feb 7 Middle East North Africa Financial Network (MENFN), PV Hospitality ULC Appoints Michael Graydon as President of Newly Formed Resort and Hospitality Company
NOTE: We find it exceptionally odd that this news came out on only one news wire, very far away, and on the first day of a long weekend at the start of the Olympics. Deliberate slow seed of story at time when media and readers away/preoccupied?

Feb 6 CTV News (Tangential only) Canadian indicted in $12.9M Las Vegas casino debt case

**** Jan 24 CBC Paragon’s Eagle River Casino seeks bankruptcy protection

Jan 14 The Courier (Mike Howell) Toronto organization checking for ‘responsible gambling’ in Vancouver

Just for fun: Paragon’s Riviera Hotel and Casino – Review on Tripadvisor – quite hilarious. This is the company expected to build a well-run upmarket tasteful resort in downtown Vancouver?



Dec 17, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee):  Pitch to double size of casino floor arouses concern—Proposal meets bylaw requirements, but final approval awaits review of measures taken to mitigate gambling addiction

Dec 17, Globe and Mail (Frances Bula), Vancouver casino project will have to help with harm reduction in return for development approval

Dec 17, Courier (Mike Howell): Paragon inches closer to building downtown casino: Development Permit Board approves plan with conditions

Dec 17, Global TV: City of Vancouver green lights new Edgewater Casino and hotel complex

Dec 16, Frances Bula (blog),  Vancouver development permit board approves new casino site, mayor says will take extra precautions to ensure no gambling expansion

Dec 16, post-hearing: CBCVancouver Paragon casino plan approved with conditions—Design to double gambling floor space at new location for Edgewater Casino meets city’s requirments

Dec 16, CBCVancouver Paragon casino proposal has final public hearing—Proposal will double gambling floor space at new location for Edgewater Casino licence

Dec 16, Courier, Mike Howell: Casino timeline for today’s meeting at city hall

Dec 14, Vancouver ObserverOne last chance for public input on casino near BC Place on Monday

Dec 13, Vancouver Observer (Linda Solomon):  City should limit BC Place casino’s hours and province should collect better data on gambling addicts  

Dec 11, Courier (Mike Howell): City won’t interfere with casino application–Critics call Paragon plans worrisome

Dec 11, Province: Vancouver Not Vegas wants city to delay casino decision

Dec 11, Vancouver SunLet us prey: A government that puts its faith in gambling–Long odds: Gambling reform advocates have the deck stacked against them

Dec 10, Vancouver Sun op-ed, Game-change at Edgewater Casino—Opinion: A made-in-Vancouver gambling harm reduction strategy needed before permitting further expansion

Dec 10, Vancouver SunPete McMartin: A government that puts its faith in gambling—Gambling addiction: The real addict is the B.C. government and it is not about to cure itself

Dec 10, Georgia Strait, New B.C. Place casino proposal resurrects Vancouver Not Vegas critics

Dec 9, Vancouver Sun (Mike Hager),  Grassroots group petitions Vancouver city council to review plans for new BC Place resort and casino–Vancouver Not Vegas looks to stop aragon Gaming Corp.’s $535-million redevelopment plan

Dec 9, CBC, Anti-casino group petitions city to review plans—City’s Development Permit Board to review new casino proposal Dec. 16

Nov 29, Shaw TV, David Berner Show with Sandy Garossino (on slot machines on BC Ferries)

November 20, The Tyee, Bob Mackin, BC lottery corporation ordered to release secret emails

November 18, CBC, BC Ferries to cut sailings, seniors’ discounts, add slot machines

October 17, CBC, The Kendall Report:  Problem gambling in B.C. more than doubled in 5 year–Over 31,000 problems gamblers in B.C. as of 2007, says Provincial Health Officer

September 24, Vancouver Sun,  Paragon Gaming offers $535-million resort proposal for BC Place lands

September 24, CBC,  Vancouver casino proposed again for BC Place

September 24, Vancouver, Global TV online,  $535 million “urban resort” to house new downtown Vancouver casino

Toronto, April 26, Globe and Mail (Mike Layton),  Toronto’s 1812 battlefield should be a memorial, not a casino – Site of the Battle of York may not withstand a second American attack, this time from a corporate giant.

Vancouver, April 25, CBC Video:   Vancouver’s BC Place casino deal
Paragon Gaming has signed a 99-year lease

Vancouver, April 25, CBCParagon reaches new deal to build smaller downtown casino

Vancouver, April 24, Business in Vancouver (Bob Mackin), BC Place on the block if NDP wins election

Vancouver, April 24, Globe and Mail (Wendy Stueck), Dix mulls sale of BC Place

Vancouver, March 5, Globe and Mail (Frances Bula), Casino Battleground: Part of The Big Gamble, a series examining British Columbia’s complicated relationship with casinos. 

Vancouver, March 3, Globe and Mail (Frances Bula), A Tale of Two Cities – CASINO BIDS:  How Vancouver and Surrey lost high-profile casino bids in the past two years

••• SURREY: Feb 4, Vancouver Sun (Douglas Todd) Sikhs Christians Jews Muslims Defeat Surrey Casino 

Vancouver, January 14, The Real Story (Ian Reid) BC Place Audit: A new and better reason for the Auditor General to investigate


••• TORONTO (and all cities) – Nov 25, 2012, New York Daily News (Richard Florida) Gambling away our cities: Why New Yorkers must fight the drive to legalize full-scale gaming

VANCOUVER – Nov 23, 2012 Courier (Bob Mackin) Casino still eyed for west of B.C. Place: Paragon extends lease for plaza of nations casino until 2015

TORONTO – Nov 6, 2012, Yahoo: Toronto Casino: The devil is in the details

TORONTO –  Nov 6, Inside Toronto, Executive Committee wants better sense of benefits to Toronto casino

TORONTO – Nov 5, Globe and Mail:  Toronto casino proposal approved, but financial benefits still unknown

SURREY – Nov 5, Vancouver Sun: Casino plans rile Surrey residents  – Community group lobbying for new public hearing, says locals weren’t informed of proposal

SURREY – Nov 5, Vancouver Sun: Gateway proposes mini-Vegas for south Surrey – Large casino off Highway 99 would provide amenities not available in Surrey

VANCOUVER – Oct 25, The Real Story, Ian Reid:  BC Place Meet Paragon Gaming

ONTARIO – April 10, London Free Press, Bob Boughner, Casino idea abandoned (in Chatham, Ontario)

VANCOUVER – April 2, 2012, Bob Mackin (FOI)  Government’s Gambling Secrets

VANCOUVER – March 20, Vancouver Courier (Bob Mackin) Lottery corporation hires Irish sports betting giant before law change: Pending bill may benefit websites, Hastings Racecourse

VANCOUVER – March 15, Business in Vancouver (Glen Korstrom)Ontario slot-machine policy sparks doubt for B.C. gaming company

TORONTO – March 14, Globe and Mail (Rob Simpson) Casino payouts aren’t worth the ante

TORONTO – March 14, Toronto Life: Urbanist Richard Florida thinks a Toronto casino would be an “unmitigated disaster”

VANCOUVER – March 14, 2012 Vancouver Courier (Bob Mackin) Hastings: racing into the sunset? Vancouver racetrack owner rejects lease renewal with city – NOTE: this may suggest a move for the 600 Hastings slot licenses too. If Edgewater does not move to the stadium, Paragon and Great Canadian Casinos (which owns Hastings slots) may try to merge into a mega-casino somewhere else inside Vancouver city limits, where the licenses are valid. But where? 

March 13, 2012, CBCB.C. seeks to repair relationship with Telus over BC Place deal – refers to casino issue

March 13, CTVBC  Huge signs didn’t ruin BC Place renaming deal: Telus – minor reference to casino issue

• March 12, Vancouver Sun (Harvey Enchin) Economic Impact: Somtimes numbers don’t tell the whole tale – Critique of govt attempts to justify BC Place’s economic plan via tweaked numbers on Grey Cup & tourism dollars

March 10 2012, Vancouver Sun (Vaughn Palmer) PALMER: With BC Place costs through the roof, Liberals drop the ball on how to pay for them  – some mentions of loss of casino

• March 9, Bob MackinDoes “Brown out” mean lights out for Premier? – Article on PavCo, loss of Telus naming rights contract, stadium issues

Feb 23, 2012, Vancouver Observer (Ian Reid), BC Place casino expansion move set up secretly by PavCo, FOI reveals


[For fun, please read Allen Garr’s “Casino horse has left the barn” from the Vancouver Courier, Feb 10, 2011, predicting our failure. (Similarly, this Frances Bula article.) We are happy to announce that that particular horse is back in the barn. We won on April 19, 2011 when Council unanimously rejected the casino plan. We are not disbanding, however. We remain vigilant and this website will be continuously updated on the following issues: gambling expansion in BC, the use of PavCo’s BC Place Stadium site, the issue of the stadium roof and its intimate relationship with the proposed casino, and other issues.]

Dec 16, Vancouver Courier (Bob Mackin),   Robson Square name up for sale to corporate sponsor – Vancouver mayor writes stern letter to PavCo over B.C. Place sign

Dec 16, Vancouver CourierContributors choose their Vancouver newsmakers for 2011

December 13Boston Globe,   Tribal casino? Not so fast – we include this article just out of interest.

Dec 5,  Seattle Times,  GOP sees expanded gambling as state budget solution

Dec 2, Vancouver Sun (Douglas Todd),   Better ways to stop problem gambling than B.C.’s

Dec 1, Vancouver Courier (Bob Mackin),   Casino at B.C. Place possible while PavCo has hands full with lawsuit – Mayor repeats promise against gambling expansion

Nov 29, 2011, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee)   Vancouver councillors worry expanded casino will find its way into downtown project

Nov 29, 2011,  Metro News (Matt Kieltyka)   Casino expansion: Unfinished business?

Nov 29, 2011, CBC,   Edgewater casino move approved by Vancouver

Nov 15, 2011, Courier (Bob Mackin) Casino corporation defends Vision endorsement: Larry Campbell sits on board of Great Canadian Gaming

Nov 14, 2011, Vancouver Observer Anti-gambling coalition fighting casino move in court – Vancouver municipal election 2011: Mega-casino plan may be scrapped, but relocation of Edgewater still deserves a public airing, says Vancouver Not Vegas.

Nov 11, 2011, Courier (Bob Mackin) New deal for Vancouver’s Hastings Racecourse?

Nov 10, 2011, The Province (Mike Smyth) How could we advise casinos to skip China’s market potential? – Pamphlet another cock-up in poor management of B.C.’s tourism sector [We add this link because it seems to shine some light on the lack of a serious plan to market gambling to China; something we pointed out all through the casino campaign in which BCLC and PavCo were constantly referring to the Edgewater mega-casino as a “destination” resort casino marketing itself to China. Looks as if BC isn’t marketing ANY casinos to China… We’re not sure how to read this.]

Oct 11, 2011, Global TV BC Place roof comes with just a one year warranty:

Oct 7, 2011, Georgia Straight, Northeast False Creek planning “doesn’t give any certainty” to Creekside Park, community leader says 

•••• Oct 4, 2011 Vancouver Courier (Naoibh O’Connor), Anti-casino advocate eyes Vancouver city council seat – Sandy Garossino running as an independent candidate 

•• Sept 28, 2011, Village Voice, Casinos Head to NYC. You Lose. Government officials gamble on your nickels to bail them out. Bet on it.

NOTE! •••••••••July 21, 2011, The Province (Keith Fraser, Court Reporter), Architecture firm sues over payment for work on downtown casino plans

•••• July 20, 2011, CTV BC, BCLC to gambling addicts: You don’t have a problem – BCLC refuses to address that industry relies on problem gamblers/addicts for its revenue.

•• May 10, CTV BC, Casinos let minors in to gamble: CTV investigation: Edgewater, Starlight and Boulevard Casinos admit minors without checking ID

•• May 10, The Vancouver Observer (article by Ian Reid on PavCo’s preemptive plans for mega-casino even before proper RFP process or public/city approval, and other irregularities), The casino play: plans brewing long before request for proposal

•• May 9, Vancouver Courier, Casino company stands by racecourse, may consider downtown Vancouver site — Hastings Racecourse has nearly 500 slot machines

May 9, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee), PavCo says $850 million BC Place budget rumour is all smoke

May 9,, Do Casinos = Rust Belt Desperation?

May 6, Minneapolis Post (, Block E casino? Minneapolis should hedge its bet

•••  May 5, Chilliwack Times, Time to take another look

April 26, Abbortsford News, Is there a limitless source of gamblers in the Lower Mainland? Do Lower Mainland mayors see themselves as handmaidens of the gambling industry?

April 25, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell) 12th & Cambie: Doubling down On Suzanne Anton and the NPA

April 25, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell) Casino baron pooh-poohs relocation without expansion–Paragon’s failed proposal included 150 games tables and 1,500 slots

••• April 22, Globe and Mail (Stephen Quinn), Some modest proposals for what to do with BC Place land (HUMOUR)

April 22, Times-Colonist, Killed casino might be a symbol of change

April 22, The Province (Mike Smyth), City casino: Here’s what will happen

April 21, Vancouver Courier (Allen Garr), City hall, Victoria getting cozier by the day

•••• April 20, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee), Vancouver council unanimously rejects $500-million casino expansion — Public pressure trumps casino expansion: Mayor Gregor Robertson also called for a moratorium on “any and all applications to expand gambling” (NOTE: this link contains the story below, but additionally includes a blow by blow account of the Council debate)

April 20, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee), Public pressure trumps casino expansion Vancouver council unanimously rejects $500-million plan

April 20, The Province, No dice for Edgewater expansion PavCo goes back to the drawing board on $500-million hotel complex

April 20, The Georgia StraightVancouver city council votes unanimously to reject casino expansion


We won!


April 19, The Tyee (Bob Mackin), High Stakes: Vancouver’s Casino Vote Today –New union jobs, fears of social ills, and old fault lines that rended a political party. Who’s in?

•••• April 18, Globe and Mail (Frances Bula), Vancouver council has little reason to vote for casino proposal

April 15, Georgia Straight (Carlito Pablo), NPA politicians wager Vancouver council will reject B.C. Place casino

April 13, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell), 12th and Cambie: And your answer is …

April 13, The Tyee (Harvey Mackinnon), A Citizen’s Plea to Nix Vancouver’s Mega-Casino: Backers are bluffing when they promise a windfall. The payout will be misery.

•••••••••April 12, Vancouver Observer (Ian Reid), Paragon’s place at the BC Liberal table

April 12, Edmonton Journal, Arena deal leaves nagging questions (In Edmonton, a behind-closed-doors, secretive ‘done deal’ involving a sports arena, casino and hotels. Sound familiar? Don’t do it, Edmonton!)

April 11, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell), Paragon offers to reduce number of slots for Vancouver casino: Revision to proposal comes at close of public hearings, enrages casino opponents

April 11, Vancouver Observer, Vancouver, Not Vegas press release: Offering fewer slots is a sign of casino’s desperation

April 11, Globe and Mail (Wendy Stueck) Casino complex to include Marriott Hotels

April 11, 24 Hours (Bob Mackin) Marriott on board for casino proposal
““I can see why they’d be trying to play on the brand of a hotel everyone’s heard of,” said Katherine Wellburn, Yaletown bankruptcy lawyer


•••April 11, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee) PavCo proposes reducing number of slot machines at controversial BC Place casino

April 11, Georgia Straight, PavCo proposes reduced expansion of slot machines as public hearing on B.C. Place casino concludes

•• April 8, Vancouver Observer, OpEd by Peter Busby & Penny Gurstein, Insular megacasino would add no value to Vancouver’s downtown businesses

•• April 8, Vancouver Observer, Blunderdome: politics, positioning and a costly retractable roof

•• April 8, CBC, Former officers slam Vancouver casino proposal

April 5, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell)Former health officer says mega casino will create addicts — Casino proposal includes 150 games tables and 1,500 slot machines

••••••• April 1, Vancouver Sun, Former Vancouver chief health officer Blatherwick opposes casino proposal Note: The BC Psychology Ass’n also issued a press release today condemning the casino and warning about addiction

April 1, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell), Former Vancouver health officer joins opposition to casino proposal — John Blatherwick fears casino will create more gambling addicts

March 30, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell), Port Moody places casino question on ballot as Vancouver decision looms

•• March 29, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell), Weekend warriors–City hall rolled out an early April Fool’s Day joke while I was away

•• March 24, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee),   Vancouver split over casino expansion and please see our rebuttal here. It’s important to point out that City of Vancouver residents are NOT “split” on this casino. Repeated polls (including the very Ipsos poll discussed by Jeff Lee above!) show a clear majority oppose the casino expansion. Why are Angus Reid and Ipsos Reid polling Metro Vancouver residents, not City of Vancouver residents? They are well aware that City of Vancouver residents have stronger anti-casino sentiment than the suburbs. Curious methodology. Metro Vancouver residents outside Van city limits neither live nor vote here.

•• March 16, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee) Vancouver halts False Creek condo plans and blog post Vancouver False Creek developments run into more trouble

•• March 16, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell) Former Vancouver city planner pillories mega casino plan–B.C. Place reno costs $563 million on Nathan Edelson’s forceful presentation to Council

March 15, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee),  No way to know if casino would create more problem gamblers — But expansion would be risky in absence of studies, health officer says

March 15, Frances Bula – State of Vancouver, BC Place renos don’t depend on casino money (read Peter Ladner’s comment)

•••••• March 15, Globe and Mail (Frances Bula), BC Place renovation going ahead regardless of proposed casino’s fate For comparison with PavCo’s earlier position, very contradictory, please see Feb 25 Global article

March 15, Georgia Straight (Yolande Cole), Vancouver council hears from medical officer, police at third night of B.C. Place casino hearing

••••• March 14, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell), 12th and Cambie: Sharp Turner

March  14, Globe and Mail (Rod Mickleburgh), Paragon warns jobs at risk if B.C. casino expansion not approved

• March 14, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee)   Vancouver Council to hear health concerns of proposed casino expansion

• March 14, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell), Who is T. Richard Turner?; BCLC head on health officer’s report; Casino hearing resumes tonight

March 14, Georgia StraightHead of B.C. Medical Association echoes health officer’s concerns on casino expansion

March 12, Vancouver Sun, Op ed by Michael Graydon, BC Lottery Corp Chair: Calling out the facts: B.C.-based research on problem gambling can’t be ignored

March 11, Kamloops Daily News, Groups want Coleman canned as gaming chief

March 11, Vancouver Observer, Game over for Rich Coleman? and BCACG calls on Christy Clark to replace Rich Coleman in gaming portfolio

March 11, Georgia Straight, Non-profits call on Christy Clark to remove Minister Rich Coleman from gaming portfolio

VIDEO March 11, CBC TV, The fear that rejecting a Vancouver casino expansion would throw hundreds out of work may be unfound

March 11, Vancouver Courier, Vancouver residents, casino workers voice opinions at public hearing — Casino employees plead for future of their jobs, residents worry about gambling encroachment

March 11, Vancouver Sun (Douglas Todd) Battling growing gambling addiction in Canada

General gambling industry news: March 11, Chicago Tribune: Sahara hotel-casino in Las Vegas to close in May Is this why the gambling industry is looking North?

March 11, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell) 12th & Cambie: Full house

March 10, Business in Vancouver, Casino debate overshadows reality of high-density plans: Meggs

March 10, Vancouver Observer, NDP’s Horgan pulls the plug on online gambling

• March 10, Vancouver Courier (Allen Garr), Will Clark’s family values collide with casino?

• March 10, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee/Jonathan Fowlie)  Health chief weighs in against casino — Dr. Perry Kendall supports Vancouver Coastal Health’s opposition to proposed expansion

March 9, Vancouver Courier, Lottery head says cuts to B.C. gaming grants based on need — Michael Graydon tells Board of Trade casino proposal is ‘absolutely perfect’ for Vancouver

March 9? 24 Hours (Bob Mackin) Power players covet last bit of Expo lands puzzle

• March 9, Vancouver Observer, Menke confirms PavCo partnership began four years ago and Ministers and reverends tell mayor and council: “No casino!”

March 9, Courier (Mike Howell), Paragon Vancouver casino proposal: a timeline — Mega casino plan rooted in city approval seven years ago

• March 9, Georgia Straight, NDP MLA Shane Simpson urges Christy Clark to suspend casino expansion

March 9, Bob Mackin/24 Hours, I’m not involved with PavCo: Turner

March 9, The Province (Ian Austin), Vancouver’s medical health officer opposed to planned mega-casino

March 9, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee) Health officers against downtown Vancouver casino expansion

March 9, Globe & Mail (Frances Bula), Cards now appear to be stacked against Vancouver casino expansion

March 9, Vancouver Sun Letter, Casino idea a fiasco waiting to drain the city’s life blood

March 8, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee) Neighbours of proposed casino share frustrations with Vancouver council and Casino project a 50-50 gamble; some councillors already critical — A jam-packed hearing in council chambers drew about 300 people Please note that we are quite certain opponents of the casino outnumbered proponents

March 8, Vancouver Sun (editorial) The history and future of gambling

March 8, Georgia Straight, Casino public hearing continues at Vancouver City Hall

March 8,, Art groups can’t be bought but casino employees can at B.C. Place casino public hearing

PHOTOS: March 8, Georgia Straight, Photos: Public hearing on B.C. Place casino fires up at Vancouver City Hall

March 8, CTV News, Protests, criticism mark Vancouver casino hearing (good video clip)

March 8, The Province (Sean Sullivan), Tension builds over casino plans — Opposing forces expected to clash at lengthy public hearing

March 8, CKNW, Hearing began on the sidewalk

March 8, CBC, Speakers jam BC Place casino hearing

March 7, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee), Competing rallies carve out territory as hearings begin at city hall

March 7, National Post, Brian Hutchinson: B.C. rolls the dice to raise a roof

March 7, The Province, Boisterous public hearing underway into Vancouver’s controversial mega-casino project

March 7, Georgia Straight, Public hearing begins at Vancouver City Hall on B.C. Place casino proposal

March 7, Georgia Straight (Carlito Pablo) Which Vancouver councillor will cast deciding vote on B.C. Place casino?

March 7, News 1130, Vancouver kicks off casino hearing Thanks to Vancouver, Not Vegas! the crowd was mostly anti-casino

March 7, Vancouver Observer, A battle long brewing comes to a head tonight at City Hall and also Live blogging the casino public hearing at City Council

March 7, Vancouver Sun (letters, Michael Cox) The debate about casinos can’t be calculated only in dollars

March 7, Prime Time Crime blog, A matter of choices

March 7, Alex Tsakumis, Why I’m Against the Despicable Vancouver MegaCasino and You Should Be Too (Part I)

March 6, The Province,  Cash cow or scourge? Proposed Mega-Casino brings Foes and Fans before City Council and see the same info in Your Questions Answered.

• March 5, Richmond Review, Gambling debt linked to murder-suicide

March 4, Vancouver Courier: Paragon Vancouver casino proposal: a timeline — Mega casino plan rooted in city approval seven years ago

March 3, Vancouver Courier, (Allen Garr)  Unease grows around Vancouver casino proposal (by the way, compare with Allen Garr’s very different story of Feb 10, Casino horse has left the barn)

March 3, Vancouver SunSuburban mayors worry larger Vancouver casino will hurt their take:  Six municipalities got a total of $46.4 million from their local casinos last year, and want more information about the impact of a huge casino expansion in Vancouver

• March 3, Vancouver SunWar drums sound over mega-casino near BC Place Stadium

March 3, Vancouver Courier, Some municipal politicians fear B.C. Place casino impact (Suburbs look at the potential effects of competition)

March 2, Globe & MailBenefits of proposed B.C. casino don’t add up

March 2, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee), New casino could bring up to $370 million a year to B.C. coffers (Read the comments)

March 2, Vancouver Courier, Lobbying concerns

•• March 1, Globe and Mail (Frances Bula), B.C. Lottery Corp. seeks direct deposit of foreign wire-transfers

March 1, Globe and Mail, Builder seeks to reassure B.C. taxpayers on casino financing (note the editorial correction)

March 1, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee): On Paragon Gaming, B.C.’s biggest casino and a festering seaplane dispute.

March 1, Vancouver Courier: Mega casino company gave $2,500 to ruling Vision Vancouver — Financial documents refute Paragon denial

Feb 28, Vancouver Sun: Vancouver mega-casino backers bid to sway public opinion — PR campaign launched ahead of public hearing

• Feb 28, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell): A look at Brent McGregor’s role with PavCo and the casino bid

Feb 26, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee) Province won’t challenge city over PavCo’s plans for casino — Proposed entertainment complex doesn’t require municipal approval, but Crown corporation

Feb 26, CBC News, Anti-casino group outraged at stadium revelation

**** Feb 25, Global TV, Funding for BC Place roof could fall through unless casino is approved: chairman

Feb 25, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee)  PavCo’s $563-million casino gamble — Funding for roof could fall through unless entertainment complex is approved: Chairman

Feb 25, Vancouver Sun (Cam Cole) Wake-Up Call: BC Place Stadium shenanigans will leave public on the hook

• Feb 25, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee) Lions, Whitecaps among groups backing casino at BC Place Stadium

• Feb 25, The Province, BC Place: Maybe They Should’ve Thought About This Potential Snag

Feb 25, Vancouver Courier, Thanks a Slot

Feb 24, News 1130 Edgewater Casino: Will it create jobs or problems? Supporters make their case

Feb 24, Georgia Straight: Paragon Gaming Inc.’s casino track record questioned

Feb 24, Globe & Mail (Frances Bula): Casino proposal betting on big revenues from B.C. gamblers

Feb 24, Frances Bula: New Vancouver casino would get $130 M more from local gamblers, $100 M from tourists

Feb 23, Vancouver Sun (Pete McMartin): Opinion: Government’s skewed priorities on shaky ground — Taxpayer funded Olympic theme park won’t amount to much if a quake levels our schools and hospitals, long in dire need of upgrades

Feb 22, Vancouver CourierVancouver citizens group calls for more mega casino consultation — Proposed casino includes 150 games tables and 1,500 slot machines

Feb 22, News 1130Anti-gambling group happy about casino hearing delay — New date for public hearing is March 7

Feb 21, Vancouver Courier, Anti-casino petition boasts big Vancouver names — Public hearing on downtown mega casino postponed until March 7

Feb 21, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee): High-profile Vancouver politicians join fight against casino expansion

Feb 21, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee): Proposed mega-casino by BC Place draws huge public interest

Feb 21, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee) Vancouver illuminati line up against Paragon Casino

Feb 20, Vancouver Sun (Jeff Lee) Proposed mega-casino by BC Place draws huge public interest

Feb 20, Georgia Straight: Vancouver public hearing on B.C. Place casino pushed back to March

• Feb 20, Vancouver Observer: More compelling reasons not to bank on casino revenue

Feb 18, Vancouver Courier: Jackpot money

Feb 18, Georgia Straight: Ned Jacobs: Say no to casino expansion in Vancouver

• Feb 17, Vancouver Sun, (Op-Ed by Sandy Garossino, Yosef Wosk, Bing Thom & Peter Ladner): Is gamble on the casino expansion a smart bet? HOTEL COMPLEX IS WRONG FOR VANCOUVER

Feb 17, Vancouver Sun by David Podmore:  Is gamble on the casino expansion a smart bet? HOTEL COMPLEX IS RIGHT FOR VANCOUVER

Feb 17, The Tyee: In BC, We’re Losing Our Gambling Fever

Feb 17, 24 Hours: Casino chat at city council delayed to Monday — PavCo wants to rezone area next to B.C. Place for large casino development

Feb 17, Vancouver Courier: Vancouver casino hearing moved to Feb. 21 Council agenda too full tomorrow night to accommodate huge speakers list

• Feb 16, CrossCut (Peter Ladner): Is B.C. moving from Olympic Games to wide-open gaming? Vancouver City Council will hear public concerns about putting Western Canada’s largest casino into the iconic B.C. Place Stadium

Feb 16, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell) Speakers list for Vancouver casino debate swells

Feb 16, Kamloops News: Olympics hurt lottery profits

• Feb 16, Vancouver Observer: The road to Paragon by Ian Reid

• Feb 16, Vancouver Observer: Province made an “exceptionally” fast decision on BC Place casino, says NDP critic Spencer Chandra Herbert

Feb 16, Metro News, Casino spurs coalition of the unwilling

Feb 16, Georgia Straight: Casino moratorium sought as B.C. Place proposal heads to public hearing

Feb 16, Frances Bula, List of prominent names opposed to casino grows

Feb 16, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell): PavCo likes Paragon

Feb 15, Vancouver Sun:   New mega casino will be a mega headache

Feb 15, Frances Bula: Casino opponents fight hard but uphill to galvanize action

Feb 14, Globe and Mail (Frances Bula): Fewer people stake their bets on B.C.’s anti-casino movement

Feb 12, Vancouver Observer: Vancouver residents oppose downtown casino, Justason Market Intelligence poll finds

Feb 11, Vancouver Sun: Casino development promoters stress economic benefits for city — Developer calls plan ‘stunning proposal’ in advance of next week’s public hearing

Feb 11, Vancouver Sun [VIDEO]: Paragon brings casino to B.C. Place Paragon Gaming Corp. president Scott Menke talks about how the “entertainment destination” will impact neighbourhoods.

February, 24 Hours (Bob Mackin): Vancouver’s casino revenues lag behind neighbours

Feb 10, CBC News: Casino opponents call for referendum [actually, public consultation]

Feb 10, Vancouver Courier: Community groups, casino employees debate Paragon Gaming’s proposal

• Feb 10, Vancouver Courier: Casino horse has left the barn [This is one of our all-time favourite “it’s a done deal’ articles]

Feb 10, Van. Board of TradeNote that this is promo, not press

Feb 9, CTV BC News: Critics of massive casino complex gather in Vancouver

Feb 9, Vancouver Sun (Tiffany Crawford) Supporters of Vancouver casino expansion pack Roundhouse

Feb 9, Vancouver Observer: Paragon of haste

Feb 9, Vancouver Observer: Grumble at the Roundhouse

Feb 9, The Real Story: The Road to Paragon and Part 2 by Ian Reid

Feb 8, Georgia Straight: Vancouver architect Bing Thom opposes B.C. Place casino expansion

Feb 8, Vancouver ObserverMyth-busting at The Edgewater

Feb 7, Georgia Straight: Vancouver, Not Vegas coalition forms to fight B.C. Place casino

Feb 7, Vancouver Observer: 2011 Inside Edgewater Casino by Emily Barca

Feb 4, Vancouver Courier: Letter of the Week by Tom Durrie

Feb 4, Georgia Straight: Vancouver council passes motion supporting B.C. Association of Charitable Gaming

Feb 4, Vancouver Courier: Straight flush

Feb 3, Vancouver Courier: Paragon answers questions about casino proposal

January 30, The Province: An all-new entertainment neighbourhood

January 28, 2011 CBC News: Woman in (Gambling) $350K cancer fraud gets 3 years

Jan 28, The Real Story: Las Vegas comes to BC: T. Richard Turner

Jan 26, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell) High Stakes Game

• Feb 25, Vancouver Courier (Mike Howell): A casino, highrises, affordable housing, a park—why so much jammed into one public hearing?

Jan 18, Vancouver Observer: City Council to hold public hearings on B.C. Place casino in February

January 18, Georgia Straight: B.C. Place casino proposal referred to public hearing

January 10,  CBC TV & CBC.CA News:  B.C. moves to control casino chips

Jan 7, Vancouver Sun (Pete McMartin):  How B.C. Lotteries came to pay $400 million to casinos

Jan 6, CBC News: Suspicious B.C. casino dealings ‘raise questions’ Proposed project before Vancouver council amid questions of criminal acitivity


Dec 3, Vancouver Observer: False Creek Residents Association votes against BC Place casino

Dec 2, Vancouver Observer:  Will B.C. casinos’ bad record on money laundering get worse at B.C. Place casino?

• Dec 2, Vancouver Sun (Pete McMartin): Charities bite the hand that bleeds them Association of Charitable Gaming says millions being withheld by provincial government

Dec 1, Vancouver Observer:  Casino expansion at B.C. Place may lead to increase in organized crime activity, sources say by Emily Barca

November 26, Vancouver Courier: Pro-slots councillor denounces big casino plan – Proposed downtown complex will include 1,500 slot machines

November 17th ThinkCity:  OP-ED: It’s Time to Hold ‘Em, Mayor

Nov 7, Vancouver ObserverIsn’t it kind of strange that Vancouver would have a super-sized casino downtown? by Emily Barca and Linda Solomon

Nov 4, Vancouver Observer: Province made an “exceptionally” fast decision on BC Place casino, says NDP critic Spencer Chandra Herbert

Nov 4, Vancouver Observer: BC Place casino proposal: lack of independent fairness advisor raises questions

October 14, Vancouver ObserverCommunity service and arts groups ask City to intervene in gaming development

October 14, Vancouver Observer: Provincial-backed casino requires City approval, but can City say no?

• October 7, 2011, BC Business Magazine:  New Casino Planned for Downtown Vancouver

Sept 15, Vancouver ObserverVancouver to have one last chance to weigh in on proposal for BC’s largest casino

August 26, Vancouver Observer:  New Edgewater Casino at BC Place will doubling gambling in the city: does it have to happen?

July 27, The Tyee (Bill Tieleman) Why BC Liberals Love Gambling You need only follow the money — and the players.

May 16, 2010 Press Release from Paragon Gaming Paragon Gaming, Owned by Diana Bennett, the Daughter of Las Vegas Pioneer William Bennett, Wins Rights to Build $450 million hotel-casino Complex in Vancouver, British Columbia

• April 7, Public Eye Online: BCLC chair had stake in Alberta casino development on T. Richard Turner

• April 2010, 24 Hours, by Bob Mackin:  Liberal insider part of B.C. Place casino group

March 16,  Frances Bula: BC Place casino will have to go through a rezoning

March 12, CBC News:  New casino planned for Vancouver’s False Creek

Press Stories on Gambling Industry and Gaming Expansion

Feb 22, 24 Hours (Bob Mackin) Little being done to stop underage gambling

January 9, 2011, CBC News, Slot Machines — The Big Gamble

MSNBC Casinos rolling snake eyes in bad economy

August 15, 2006, CBC News: Loan sharks feeding at River Rock: B.C. Lottery Corp.

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