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The German Report should be followed by a full public inquiry into money-laundering

Cartoon on BC casinos and money-laundering by Olson in the Courier, 2011

June 2018 has seen a return of public interest in casino corruption thanks to the efforts of the BC government and Attorney General Dave Eby, and the report authored by Peter German that they commissioned. This attention to the rampant corruption in BC gaming is long overdue. We raised this issue during the period 2009-2012 and beyond, when we were opposing the expansion of the Edgewater casino in Vancouver.

There is a plethora of news stories on these new developments but start with these:
• Read the BC government’s ‘German Report’ into money-laundering in BC casinos HERE.
• Read Sandy Garossino’s article in the Vancouver Observer, which includes a call to A-G David Eby to call for a Charbonneau-style Public Inquiry HERE.
• Read Laila Yuile’s report on BC gambling corruption HERE. Laila has been a knowledgeable commentator on this issue for many years.

Please note that BC NEEDS A PUBLIC INQUIRY NOW. The German Report is not enough. Please ask A-G Dave Eby and the BC government to strike an inquiry. Thank you.