Petition: Asking the City of Vancouver’s Development Permit Board to refer Edgewater Casino application back to Council

Vancouver DPB

Please sign our petition. In light of the recent Kendall Report on the rise in severe gambling addiction, we ask the City of Vancouver to refer the Edgewater Casino’s permit application back from the Development Permit Board (Dec. 16 meeting) to City Council for further review and a discussion about harm reduction. For more information, click “Read the petition.”

City of Vancouver: In light of Kendall Report on rising gambling addiction, send the Edgewater Casino application back to Council for review

This petition is now closed.

End date: Jan 31, 2014

Signatures collected: 659

659 signatures

659Tokuko WrayJan 18, 2014
658Jose MangueJan 13, 2014
657Lila LaneJan 10, 2014
656val clarkJan 06, 2014
655Michael ProskowJan 06, 2014
654Kathy LauDec 29, 2013
653Ryan KruminsDec 21, 2013
652Harrison FordDec 21, 2013
651Jessica BruhnDec 20, 2013
650ugly as all heck build something less appallingly uglyDec 19, 2013
649Stewart McLeanDec 19, 2013
648Liliane KarnoukDec 19, 2013
647Manon LeeDec 19, 2013
646Edgar BridwellDec 18, 2013
645Romari UndiDec 18, 2013
644Daniel ShawDec 18, 2013
643Kathryn AllisonDec 17, 2013
642Yvonne LamDec 17, 2013
641Esther YuenDec 17, 2013
640Ryan TongDec 17, 2013
639Marco Del MonteDec 17, 2013
638Janet CartenDec 17, 2013
637Michele SimDec 17, 2013
636I want to gamble, dont take that away from me so fck this noise, batchesDec 17, 2013
635Dos BatosDec 17, 2013
634Pauvre fille t'es ridicule !Dec 17, 2013
633alright whos doing these fake names ..................... its meDec 17, 2013
632ur all fgts fck uDec 17, 2013
631Josh MontgomeryDec 17, 2013
630mike hawkDec 17, 2013
629 lil Timmy SnowdenDec 17, 2013
628LickMY ANUSDec 17, 2013
627Juicy jDec 17, 2013
626adolf hitlerDec 17, 2013
625Caroline Le BretonDec 17, 2013
624Audrey FooDec 17, 2013
623Ryan StevensDec 17, 2013
622Lindsay BurkeDec 17, 2013
621bev leederDec 17, 2013
620Harpreet SondhDec 17, 2013
619Tyson HernandezDec 17, 2013
618Chris LohDec 17, 2013
617Laurie MacKenzieDec 17, 2013
616Lyndsay PoapsDec 17, 2013
615John E WalkerDec 16, 2013
614Rowan BrownDec 16, 2013
613Ken WanDec 16, 2013
612kerr mcleodDec 16, 2013
611Leo ChangDec 16, 2013
610vanessa richardsDec 16, 2013

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8 responses to “Petition: Asking the City of Vancouver’s Development Permit Board to refer Edgewater Casino application back to Council

  1. We stopped the Casino once and we can do it again.

  2. Vancouverites don’t want a casino and we don’t need a casino in our city. There’s better use for BC crown land that are more suitable for BC families. We could explore prospect of Family Entertainment Center (FEC), which is more in line with the sporting lifestyle of the stadium. There are many successful models in North America. It will likely create more jobs and great destination for all ages, as well as locals and tourist alike.

  3. My mother developed a serious gambling problem, she promised us many times she would stop and instead was lured back hoping she could win back the hundreds of thousands of dollars she lost to the big casinos. She almost bankrupted her family. I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS FACILITY…or any gambling facility in our city. Please stop this nonsense.

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  6. My father spent all of his time and money on lotto – but only after severe brain injury in his late 50s; he was sure he’d win before he died, like the one guy or woman on tv who won when he didn’t. Every time he had an operation, he would ask us to make sure that we bought him his tickets. It was sad because he was so addicted he would ask anyone for money for tickets, no matter what the situation. More gambling is not what people need; it’s just a terrible weak spot that the governments are using to profit off of people’s addictions, and the hopes of the impoverished.

  7. There are so many real sensible reasons not to have a the proposed casino , …but the most important reason to me is that we must think of all our “Children” who are the innocent ones who will suffer the most from the consequences of the proposed casino.

  8. Richard Smithies

    Gambling plays to all the worst sides of human nature – addiction, weakness, family discord, prostitution, organized crime, money laundering, gambling tourism and fostering a “something for nothing” mentality. The social dis-benefits of gambling far outweigh any economic benefits. There are far better uses for the Crown lands that Edgewater occupies. Stop the Casino project again and let’s be done with it.

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