Please sign the BCACG’s petition

Gambling was expanded throughout BC with the understanding and agreement that it would substantially fund BC’s crucial charities and non-profits. This has not come to pass, and charities are suffering. Minister Rich Coleman cuts them off from gaming revenues at will—and, so far, with impunity. But perhaps not for much longer. Why should we have a huge, crime-attracting casino in our city’s downtown if it’s not even going to fund the charities that keep our communities healthy?

Remember to sign the BCACG’s petition asking the City of Vancouver not to consider the BC provincial government’s application to expand gaming in the municipality until the province comes to the table to discuss its radical cuts of gaming-derived funding to charities and non-profits throughout BC.

The BCACG or British Columbia Association of Charitable Gaming is a non-profit organization that represents the charities who receive funding out of BC’s gaming revenues. Charities currently receive only about 10% of those revenues; BC legislation states that fraction must be 33%. Read the BCACG’s open letter to Minister Rich Coleman. Please send the petition link around!

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2 responses to “Please sign the BCACG’s petition

  1. My vision of the waterfront in False Creek does not include a casino. If we need the $10m put it somewhere else. It’s not as though gamblers spend time looking at the view anyway…

  2. The Casino is yet another “white elephant!”
    The Province and City have already given us too many of them, i.e.
    Vancouver Convention Centre (way over-budget); Olympic Village (irrational planning); B.C. Place – “retractable” roof (in a city where it mostly rains); $3.1 million “trial” bike paths on Hornby and Dunsmuir (in a Rain Forest – so visibly unused); relocation of the Art Gallery – yet another ill-thought out project on the horizon…
    Would Arthur Erickson – a man of taste – be around to sort things out! These politicians are blocking out some of our amazingly unique mountain views with high density buildings, and by so doing are making Vancouver “just one more” North American city.
    Enough is enough! Let’s put a stop to it right now!
    Val LeMaitre

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